Mark Miller

Mark is a detail-oriented, SEO WEB STRATEGIST. He is experienced in SEO, SEM and PPC strategy and analytics. His work assists Brandy in our social media department and his content creation skills is the core of each website we develop. He is also...

Skilled Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Marketing Strategist & Hopeless Perfectionist

Mark is the brains behind the development of compelling content that increases awareness, generates brand visibility and enhances audience engagement. It is his ability to both outline and create the critical content for each project Moxa Media is contracted to deliver. He has proven an amazing ability to weave keyword-rich, actionable content for digital, print and social media. Mark is a talented story-teller who makes word magic.

Mark has a plethera of experience with various clients across many industries - both big and small. Mark has designed ad campaigns for the likes of Office Max one day and then met with the local mom-and-pop pharmacy on the corner the next day. His personal motto is to "treat every client like they are the ONLY client." Even though we think of Mark as a superstar here at Moxa Media, he is humble enough to never act the diva part. And this is going to drive you crazzy Mark.